St Benevolence Caribbean Rum 750ml

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The founders of St Benevolence Rum have worked for over 15 years to create educational, medical and economic development opportunities for the people of Northern Haiti. Saint Benevolence exists to connect the storied history of rum in Haiti to rum lovers across the globe while funneling 100% of the profit back to charitable efforts.

Pot and column distilled, sourced from sugarcane juice and molasses. Aged in ex-bourbon casks for 5 years and bottled at 84 proof. Saint Benevolence 5 Year is light amber gold in the glass, with vanilla and candied tropical fruit on the nose. The palate is warm with hints of coconut, stone fruit and vanilla to balance the oak and light tannins.

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  1. Tommy beyer

    Excellent taste and an even better cause. I love this rum and company. Highly suggest picking up a bottle.

  2. Peter D. Staffelbach

    High Quality. Great alone or with friends 😉

  3. Chris Eddy

    I lived in the Caribbean for years and always favored Appleton or Mount Gay until Benevolence Rum came along. It’s the only one I drink now.

  4. Don Blevins

    A great rum for an even greater cause… Dominican rums like Brugal and Barcelo will be taking a backseat to this Haitian Rum in my liquor cabinet.

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