Toro Albala Electrico del Lagar Fino

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The NV Electrico del Lagar Fino is aged, unfortified, under flor for an average of 10 years in the solera created 60 years ago before being bottled into half liter bottles. It is called Electrico, and it used to come in a light bulb-shaped bottle, but sadly not anymore, all of it a little bit of a joke because the original winery is housed in an old electricity plant, but also because of the liveliness of the wine in the mouth, and an expression used in Cordoba to ask for a wine referring to it as an electric shock. It doesn’t have as much electricity as vintage Madeira but it has a lively palate. Bright, pale yellow-colored, I cannot really tell the grape here, which is Pedro Ximenez, with a slightly blurry nose of yeasty, spicy with dried herbs and grass (esparto) and green olives.

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