Barnacles Rum Gran Reserva 12 year Dominican Repub

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Avast! This rum be fairly new to the market, so don't hurt yourself lookin' for a multitude of opinions. As 12 year-old rums go this one definitely be aged. On the nose, she be sweet with hints of oak and vanilla, somewhat fruity, a little flowery, with barely a hint of roasty-toasty. As taste goes, she be not as sweet, but definitely not dry. The oak and vanilla come on board, but not as much. There be a brief caramel type of flavor before what little sweetness there be turns into an unexpected raisin flavor. Raisin! The finish be warm and nutty, like a crew of roasted salty nuts in your face. Not expected, not offensive, but definitely better than the raisin flavor. She be smooth with very little burn goin' down the hatch. Might this be a sippin' rum? Landlubbers who imbibe on cognac might appreciate the flavor, but not this captain. Still, she be a decent rum. Definitely worth a “shot”.

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