Charbay Pomegranate 750ml Vodka

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Marko and MIles were thrilled to hook up with a California family-run orchard that was growing acres of organically-grown, tree-ripened pomegranates. Their grove is just 4 hours south of us. Marko stays in touch with Alex, tracking the ripeness of the fruit. At the peak of the season, the ripe pomegranates are picked, pressed right in the orchard, and loaded onto Marko's truck to rush them to the Distillery; then starts the six-month extraction process. The juice we use is so fresh that all the earthy ripe flavors carry though into the vodka. One person said it tasted so fresh that their mind expected the seeds. This vodka is made in the lighter style, designed for sipping and also making delicious cocktails. Earthy, spicy, and floral. We use only hand picked pomegranates of the Wonderful (variety) Pomegranates. On the rocks and as a CHARBAY Pomegranate Cosmo(70ยบ) Hand-picked Wonderful (variety) Pomegranates are pressed at the orchard, and then delivered to the distillery within eight hours after harvest. Using traditional Serbian extraction techniques, it takes six months to produce.

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