St Liberty Bourbon Bertie’s Bear Gulch

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This is not your typical Texas Bourbon. Extremely approachable and easy to drink and warm on the finish. The nose is slightly sweet with notes of stone fruit and candied orange. The palate develops with every sip, starting with dark molasses, apricot, caramelized vanilla, burnt brown sugar, charred oak and with a hint of smoke on the end to round it out. Exceptionally smooth and balanced. Crafted in Texas, just outside of Austin and proofed and bottled in Montana with pure Rocky Mountain water. Aged a minimum of 4yrs with 70% Local Corn, 27.5% Rye and 2.5% Malted Barley. Barrel (two sizes blended) – 53 gallon with a 3 char and a 30 gallon with a 4 char.

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