Southern Comfort Pepper 750 ml

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Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper is a devilishly spicy Cajun concoction that turns up the heat of the pursuit of pleasure. Genuine whiskey and the premium flavors of Southern Comfort get a blast of real Tabasco Sauce® in this fusion of fire and spice.

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper is an original concoction of two Louisiana classics, Southern Comfort and Tabasco. The idea of fusing these two iconic brands was done with an eye toward consumer’s enjoyment of challenge shots and the growing popularity of spicy foods, while remaining genuine to the roots of both brands.

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper is a unique product that blends the great taste of Southern Comfort with robust and fiery pepper flavors. Most people know that Southern Comfort proudly traces its roots to New Orleans, so the Cajun inspiration of flavorful peppers is a perfect partner. We start by blending a Southern Comfort base and then carefully introducing our proprietary blend of pepper flavors. Similar to the great Chefs of New Orleans creating that perfect Cajun dish, we painstakingly screened & selected several pepper flavors to create the ideal balance, which can be described as habanera and green pepper. Spicy heat (capsaicin) is measured in Scoville units, and the heat in Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper has a Scoville value comparable to Anaheim, Poblano, Rocotillo and Peppadew peppers. The next step is to blend together real Tabasco® Sauce and whiskey. These ingredients are blended and then carefully filtered for clarity. The Tabasco and whiskey blend is then added to the Southern Comfort for the ultimate blend of the great taste of Southern Comfort, the spiciness of pepper and Tabasco, finished with the smoothness of whiskey.

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