R’are Vodka 750ml

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R'are Vodka 750ml

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4 reviews for R’are Vodka 750ml

  1. Mark Braun

    R’ARE is smooth. Tried it for the very first time at the National Restaurant Association show; I asked whose brand it is. surprised that it’s Chicago, small batch and met the creators, who know their stuff. It’s premium-grade… and I know the difference. THIS one goes in my home bar! –Mark Braun, Associate Publisher, Food Industry News

  2. Tam

    If it ain’t rare I don’t care !!! Rare is some of the smoothest vodka I’ve ever tasted hands down

  3. Tambra Ducker

    Rare is the smoothest vodka I’ve ever tasted

  4. Anionette Davis

    R’ARE is so delicious and smooth I will definitely purchase this vodka again and again!

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