Rabbit Hole Heigold

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The Rabbit Hole Heigold High Rye Straight Bourbon is similar to the others in that it’s named for Lousiville influencer-types of the day. Heigold refers to a 19th century German immigrant, a stonemason named Christian Heigold, who adorned his local mansion with carvings to honor American icons.

This whiskey is a high-rye blend of 70 percent corn, 25 percent malted rye, and 5 percent malted barley. The bourbon is made with “a proprietary cooking process” involving a custom 24-inch copper column still from the renowned (and neighbor) Vendome Copper and Brass Works before being distilled at the distillery. After that, it waits in #3 wood-fired, toasted and charred new American Oak barrels at an entry proof of 110 and allowed to age for just under four years before being bottled at 95 proof.

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