Maison No. 9 Rose 2020 by Post Malone

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The 61st Grammy Awards were taking place in Los Angeles the following day and Post Malone was wrapping up a long day of rehearsals with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Staples Center.

Dre London rushed to their next meeting, where their longtime friend had introduced them to James Morrissey. James spent the evening describing a vineyard in the South of France, which was producing the most incredible Rose he had ever tasted.

Having an affinity for French wine, they talked about how they found themselves and their friends drinking more Rose in recent years, but hadn't found a blend or brand that stood out as their favorite. So, they set out to create a high-quality Rose from Provence that encourages good times and sharing with others.

Ten days later, the trio was on the French Riviera, sitting at the winery, sampling the grapes.

The group fell in love with the liquid, the landscape, and the Mediterranean lifestyle. It took multiple trips and tasting of over 100 Rose blends until they found the perfect one.

Maison No. 9 was born.


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