Kelley Fox Maresh Star of Bethlehem Pinot 2018

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The Star 2018 is a medium to dark-medium, cool red with some blue tones and shimmering transparency. Like all of my other 2018 bottlings, it is certainly deeper in colour than my 2017. As always, the Star is my most detailed and beautifully subtle block at Maresh to date: maybe it’s because of Jim Maresh Sr.’s favourite cherry tree that used to grow in its midst until the Columbus Day storm, or maybe it’s because of the Star of Bethlehem flowers that grace the vine rows. Who knows? True to the classic Maresh character, though, the nose and mouth are filled with sun-warmed strawberries, but those ones that are still cool inside. The nose also has some powdery, soft minerals and disarming purity. There is the slightest hint of blossoms in the silky mouth, and the length is enduring.

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