Doc Browns Dark Rum 750ml

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Doc Browns Dark Rum 750ml

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2 reviews for Doc Browns Dark Rum 750ml

  1. Suzy Spoon

    Met “Doc” at the Pirate Festival in Ft. Pierce, FL and fell in love with his Really Bad Dark Rum! So much so that we tried to buy a bottle at the two stores in Ft. Pierce that carry and and both were sold out!! Guess we weren’t the only ones that LOVED his rum!

  2. Summer Brown (verified owner)

    This is the best dark rum EVER! But I can’t get it here in Maine and I’m on my last bottle AND NOW we have the CORONAVIRUS! Ya know, I think I heard someone from CDC say that, “Just sip a shot or 2 of Doc Brown’s RBR Dark to keep the Coronavirus away.” Well…I ain’t sickly yet so, just to be safe, I’m gonna order 6 more bottles from Sunset Corners to re-stock my medicine cabinet.

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