Blackened Cask Strength Whiskey

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Celebrity whiskey reaches its apex with Blackened, a blended American whiskey built and branded by heavy metal legends Metallica. Crafted by Maker’s Mark veteran (and current WhistlePig distiller) Dave Pickerell, Blackened isn’t a gimmick, though it does stretch some industry boundaries.

Here’s how it’s made: First, it’s not a bourbon or a rye, but a blend, of bourbon, rye, and other whiskeys — all unspecified. The NAS whiskey is blended then finished in “black brandy casks” (presumably that means re-charred brandy barrels), where they are subjected to a “proprietary
sonic-enhancement system called Black Noise.” The whiskey is “pummeled by sound” — specifically, the music of Metallica — “causing it to seep deeper into the barrel, where it picks up additional wood flavor characteristics.”

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