Spring 44 Old Tom Gin 750ml (Colorado)

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Spring 44 Distilling is literally named after a spring located on founder Jeff Lindauer’s property in northern Colorado. Inspired by the pure, natural artesian water flowing from the spring, he and three of his friends started Spring 44 Distilling in nearby Loveland Colorado in 2010. So far things are going swimmingly and they have six products in their lineup — three kinds of Gin among them.

To review, an Old Tom Gin sits somewhere between a classic London Dry Gin and the rougher Dutch Genever. It is a bit sweeter and the botanicals have a heavier hand. Spring 44’s Old Tom follows the line, but adds a bit of barrel aging that brings a pleasant amber taupe color and butterscotch notes to the flavor profile. The botanical list has a few surprises too. There are the conventional Juniper, coriander, orris root, grapefruit peel, and rosemary. But they also add Asian galangal root and lemon grass.

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