Nikka Coffey Gin

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Nikka Coffey Gin is a limited production of only 12,000 bottles.

A couple of production notes. Firstly, the base spirit is intended to be a star in this gin. It is a blend of barley and corn. Secondly, if you look at the botanical list for Nikka Coffey Gin you likely see a lot of unusual names. Of the novel Japanese botanicals— one is a kind of peppercorn. The others, the kabosu, the amanatsu, the hirami lemon— along with the yuzu, orange and lemon are all citrus fruits.

Tasting Notes

First pour reveals a distinctly citrus-forward aroma. Notes of Amalfi and Meyer lemon zests with a delicate menthol-kissed black pepper note.

On the palate, Nikka Coffey Gin tastes wildly unlike any other gin I’ve tried. Which I find amazing to say after having as many gins as I have. It has a sourness that is tart, yet not astringent whatsoever, and a really acerbic finish,

Lemon and orange build at first, suddenly peaking with a burst of lemon zest, and then shiso. Nikka Coffey Gin then abruptly takes a turn in the opposite direction. Lemon pith, bitter orange flesh and a touch of bitter tangerine all combine. Bold, zesty white and black peppercorn crunches and wormwood.

The finish is exceptionally long. It’s very bitter to me, reminiscent of biting directly into a hop. The citrus tinged bitterness gets very hoppy towards the end. Fans of beers will liken it to an IPA.

When I say the finish of Nikka Coffey Gin is exceptionally long— I mean it. We’re talking a nearly one minute journey when just sipped neat.

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