Alipus San Andres Mezcal

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Alip├║s is a series made from contracted mezcales, purchased and marketed by the Danzantes group in Oaxaca, and imported into California by Craft Distillers. Each label corresponds to a specific village where the producer is located. All of them are made entirely from Espadin agave (with the exception of the San Andres that has a smidge of something else thrown in during fermentation). The point is to show the geographical differences that terroir, fermentation and water ultimately play in the flavor of each spirit. Other than the three main factors I just mentioned, they're all basically produced the same way–made from Espadin agave roasted in an open pit, fermented in used wood and double-distilled in a wood-fired pot still. The producers in San Andres actually blend in a little cuishe agave during fermentation to add more fruit and floral spice to the flavor.

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